Fill out our easy to use grading submission form:

So that we can track the collectibles you send us for grading simply fill out your contact information, list the products you want graded, and your payment information on our easy to use grading submission form(s). To receive your submission form(s) simple click “Print Submission Forms” and print a copy of these easy to use form(s). You may also click “Request Submission Form” and enter in your contact information and we will be happy to mail you submission form(s) at no cost to you. Please call us at 1-866-222-4930 if you have any submission form questions.

Pack and Mail your collectables to us:

Safely pack the collectables you want professional graded by us and mail them and your completed Submission form(s) to: International Grading Service, PO Box 302, Ooltewah, TN 37363. We suggest you insure the items you are sending us with the postal service.

Your items will be professionally graded and returned:

After we receive your collectables and submission form(s) IGS stores your items in our secure facility until our staff of professionally trained graders can examine your collectables. Our graders then assign each of your item(s) a grade from our grading scale. After assigning a grade, your collectable(s) are then identified, labeled, and air tight encapsulated in our patented, environmentally protective, holder(s). Your collectables are then returned back to you insured by the United States Postal Service safe and secure.

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