Before You Buy

Beware of Trading Card Scammers

Before you spend your money on collectibles, or having them graded, make sure you know the facts. Here are some helpful hints for trading card collectors

Beware of black bordered vintage trading cards. They are the most likely victims of someone recoloring a card boarder with a black ink pen.

If you need to check if a card has been trimmed, measure it against a similar card from the same year and manufacturer.

It has been reported that most common counterfeit trading card in the trading card industry is the 1986/87 Fleer® Michael Jordan Rookie Card.

Card weighing is one way to determining if a trading card is genuine. The problem is the scales needed to measure discrepancies in weight need to detect variances of less than one-tenth of a gram and are very costly.

Bad Guys will bake trading cards in the oven to give a vintage trading card an appearance of age.

Briefly Soaking Trading Card in Water is a way unscrupulous card dealers take creases out trading Cards.

The term “Card Doctor” is described as an individual who alters cards from their original form.