Get Your Trading Cards GradedGet Your Coins Graded & ProtectedGet Your Casino Chips Graded

Get Your Trading Cards Graded

State-of-the-art holders •Ultrasonically sealed •Air and water tight •Sturdy •Virtually free of internal movement •Professional labeling features the card year, manufacturer, variety, player name, grade, and IGS identification number •Extreme precautions are taken to prevent counterfeiting of the IGS label and holder

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Get Your Coins Graded & Protected

IGS employs a team of highly qualified and knowledgeable graders who assign the coin a grade based on an industry-standard scale. IGS uses a numeric and alphabetical grading scale to identify the overall condition of each coin submitted to us for grading.

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Get Your Casino Chips Graded

Get your casino chips graded and protected by an industry leader. We use state of the art equipment, and the best graders, to get your chips graded and encapsulated perfectly.

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Start Grading Now

Just Click This Link To Download or Print IGS Grading Submission Forms.

What We Grade

Click Here For Information On The Items We Grade & The Grading Scale Standards We Use.

Easy As 1 2 3

Actually Its As Easy As One Two, & We Take Care of The Rest. If You Want To Read More Detail On Our Simple Submission & Grading Process Click Here!

Its As Easy As 1 2 3

Fill out our easy to use grading submission form:

So that we can track the collectibles you send us for grading simply fill out your contact information, list the products you want graded, and your payment information on our easy to use grading submission form(s). To receive your submission form(s) simple click “Print Submission Forms” and print a copy of these easy to use form(s). You may also click “Request Submission Form” and enter in your contact information and we will be happy to mail you submission form(s) at no cost to you. Please call us at 1-866-222-4930 if you have any submission form questions.

Pack and Mail your collectables to us:

Safely pack the collectables you want professional graded by us and mail them and your completed Submission form(s) to: International Grading Service, PO Box 302, Ooltewah, TN 37363. We suggest you insure the items you are sending us with the postal service.

Your items will be professionally graded and returned:

After we receive your collectables and submission form(s) IGS stores your items in our secure facility until our staff of professionally trained graders can examine your collectables. Our graders then assign each of your item(s) a grade from our grading scale. After assigning a grade, your collectable(s) are then identified, labeled, and air tight encapsulated in our patented, environmentally protective, holder(s). Your collectables are then returned back to you insured by the United States Postal Service safe and secure.

Why Choose Us

We Provide Low Cost Grading with Great Service with a Quality Product. We Ensure Grading By Some of The Industries Finest Professionals. There are NO Membership Fees or Requirements. We Eliminate Long Wait Times For Your Items To Be Graded. No Complicated Forms. Simple Shipping and Handling Fees and Instructions Are Provided Up Front. The Simple Pricing Structure Is Easy To Understand & Follow. IGS Uses Only The Finest State Of The Art Holders, Ultrasonically Sealed, To Be Water and Air Tight. We Make Sure Your Most Cherished Collectables Are Protected From The Harsh Environment.


About IGS

International Grading Service, Inc. (IGS) was founded on the principal to serve collecting enthusiasts with grading services that offer fair and reasonable pricing, a simple submittal process, a quality product, and much more helpful services above and beyond other companies in the industry.

With this in mind, IGS recognized the growing industry of online auctions as the route most customers take to sell their graded cards.

In addition to these special services, IGS has a team of extremely qualified and knowledgeable professionals grading your cards. All of our grading staff have many years experience in card collecting and have been trained to grade to IGS standards.

IGS produces a product of the highest quality offered in today’s marketplace. Our state-of the-art, sturdy holder is ultrasonically sealed to be air and water tight. Your encapsulated collectable is virtually free of internal movement.

IGS focuses on the fastest turnaround time in the industry. IGS is one of only a few companies who accomplish this without sacrificing an accurate grade.

The response to IGS and our services extend far beyond those of our competitors. We are confident that our focus on bringing you the most reliable grading, the highest quality product, and the most efficient and effective services, will bring you and International Grading Service, Inc. continued success for years to come.

Thank you for choosing International Grading Service, Inc.

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